Cloud Computing - No Installation - No Hardware - No Hassle
Significant Savings
on your direct marketing database
"DataTree's response time to our technical issues has been one of the best."
Chris McDonald
An online database
with real marketing features
"Our experience with DataTree's database
products and their staff was exceptional."
Tim Burr
Gain confidence
by merging duplicates
"DataTree provides a solid online database platform."
Michelle Brown
Compass Marketing
Save time
with import automation
"I'd recommend DataTree to anyone trying to consolidate their data."
Melissa Chang
Pure Incubation
Data validation
for improved quality
"We've been very happy with the speed and consistency."
Janice D. Sitzes
North Carolina State University
Access data
anytime, anywhere
"Service was top-notch and we'd recommend
DataTree for anyone running a marketing database."
Jacob Weisberg
Expert Server Group
Reach new heights
with a scalable database
"Working with DataTree is a pleasure. Their team responds quickly and efficiently."
Asafu Thomas
Improve results
with solid reporting
"DataTree has always been incredibly responsive and it has been a pleasure working with you."
Bryan Cusatis
Marketing Database
Whether your database is for direct mail, email marketing, or telemarketing, DataTree™ offers all the expected direct marketing features without any of the associated costs.
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Adding more disk space is a good first step towards improving database scalability. Faster, more scalable databases are always powered by a better database engine.
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Database Security
While password protection and encryption is provided by DataTree™, a multi-layered, hardware controlled, security strategy is also essential.
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Each record imported is automatically checked against standard data quality filters. There's no need for an IT department to pre-process or validate data before importing into DataTree.
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Merging Duplicates
Contacting the same person twice is both costly and can damage your reputation. Most database software fails to offer adequate technology.
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Screen Shots
Each DataTree database provides a common user interface with data selection conditions and filters similar to Outlook, Thunderbird, or advanced Google searches.
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